Hi I'm Kerri!

I'm Kerri Kress-Chucci. I'll stop you right there. It's pronounced "Chucky". I'm betting you didn't guess correctly. Don't worry, neither did I!

I live in Mansfield, Texas with my family. I worked as a software engineer for 12 years before "retiring" to become a full-time mom. I pursued photography to capture the every day life of my three boys...although they usually aren't the most willing models.























A Little Bit About Me

My husband and I met in college when we both attended Texas A&M University. We had a wild ride to becoming parents, but we wouldn't change a thing.

When I'm not doing glamorous things such as dishes and laundry, I'm usually thinking of home improvement projects we can do around the house. I love decorating our home, especially for the holidays. I live for planning parties, especially little boy birthday parties, which comes in handy 3 times a year. I'm not the greatest cook in the world, but I have been named the bread queen by friends and family. Nothing beats a bite of freshly baked bread.

My favorite passion is photography. I love taking pictures of kids and their special milestones as well as offering photography to preschools. I would love to work with you.